Back to School

So, after being shuffled around a bit: staying in Massachusetts, and, prior to that,living almost full time in Valdosta, I finally finagled my way back onto Sarah Lawrence campus. I’m back baby and I’m living in my school’s notorious Hill House, without a roommate, which is the best way to enjoy Hill House. 

I’m looking forward to boxy rooms, broken radiators, allergen-safe, mostly vegan cafeteria food, chipper RAs, and the skunks that roam the campus for which I have no words and tremendous fear. Other than that, there’s the northeastern cobblestone architecture that looks like it’s straight out of “Dead Poets Society,” classes that I’m doing well in, and old friends who I’d like to see but cannot due to COVID-restrictions. So far, I’ve experienced a system that forces me to only leave my dorm room to pick up food that is to be eaten in my room and a water shortage, in which my building and several others were without running water for a few hours, because of a water main break.  

My desk is already messy, the dishes are already stacked, and I’m always one Netflix binge-watch away from being behind on my school work (calm down though, I’m not there yet). 

My mother and my aunt dropped me off and when they did I got a chance to show them a bit of Bronxville, under the guise of strict COVID protocol, of course. They definitely understood why I love the place so much. We enjoyed the character and the style of the downtown, making an obligatory stop at “Slave to the Grind” and “Topps Bakery,” where my mother got me a box of sweets as a farewell treat. 

And just as I showed up, so did the snow. The snow keeps on mounting and just when I think it’s starting to thaw it snows all over again. A fresh batch of snow makes everything seem briefly calm, making me want to sleep all day. Snow and cold days are fun until I remember that snow turns dirty and that I have to wear all of those layers whenever I walk out. The only time I’m allowed to walk out of my dorm room is when I have to hike all the way up to the campus center to get my food, which takes a bit of time seeing as to how Hill House is several minutes away from the nearest anything. 

I’ve recently ordered some new posters and tapestries for my dorm, so that I can decorate it with all of the things that I love. I’m spending all of my time learning the things that they don’t teach you about college like how groceries are expensive, credit cards are dangerous, and disappointments can be frequent. Yet, hopefully the friendships aren’t fleeting, the food improves, and I can continue to do well in school, since it’s the whole reason why I’m up here.

I’ll keep you posted on how I progress.  

The Tragic Queen,


Retrieving a package in my pajamas

2 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. I so enjoy reading your stuff. And my heart aches for you and all the other kids whose college experiences have been completely mangled by this virus, my own kid included. Rest assured that you are growing in immeasurable ways. Keep on doing what you’re doin.

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