It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

It’s Christmas time, the only time of year when people casually listen to music from the fifties, because that’s when all of the classics were recorded. Now that we have fully entered December, I can completely embrace the Christmas season. I’m going to watch “It’s a Wonderful life,” cook sweet Christmas treats, and wrap up all of my Christmas presents super sexy (assuming that my cats don’t tear them up before my loved ones get a chance to). I’m now looking forward to Christmas Eve night, wearing some solid black, backless dress, paired with bright red lipstick, if only in my dreams. 

This time last year, I was ice skating in Bryant park with Anahat, while Sofia helped me decorate my door Charlie-Brown style, and Chiara and company helped me through the freezing cold. It was all, as Paul McCaurtney would say, “A Wonderful Christmas Time.” This year, since I had my entire parents’ house at my disposal, I wanted to completely immerse myself into the Christmas spirit, hanging garland in every archway and making everything bright and hopeful. In the end we settled with garland on the balcony, wreaths on every door, strands of fake cranberries, and tiny little Christmas trees standing post all around the house. Despite it being warm and muggy outside, we converted the inside of my house into a winter wonderland. 

The halls have been decked, people have been made merry, and spirits have been made bright.

Now, behold, for I bring you tidings of great joy!

My best friend Padgett has been making me and my family hot chocolate bombs, the first of many festive treats.

A cup of cheer!

My mother, Padgett, and I worked on the Christmas tree and if you think that it looks like a holly-jolly Christmas bomb went off, then you’re not wrong. My mother loves wacky trees, like the kind that one might expect at a Christmas party at Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory (said affectionately). Each year it has huge, bulbous ornaments, Charlie Brown Christmas tree lights, Christmas ornaments that I made as a child that my parents refuse to throw away, and a Frosty the snowman hat on top. It has so much more personality to it than your average tree and by the time it is finished, it looks like it belongs on a movie set. 

The perfect gift under the tree

While I do miss, and in equal parts don’t miss, the cold, I’m having fun staying warm down here. It might not be a white Christmas, but my gifts are coming together nicely and the ornaments (aka my cats’ new favorite toys) are beautiful. I hope that everybody, regardless of their circumstances, are having as blissful of a holiday season as I am.

Much love from my family to yours!

The Tragic Queen,


A pic of me nestled into the tree

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