Some wholesome fall content

Happy Halloween, witches! Today I have some wholesome fall content set to some tasteful pics of aesthetically pleasing autumnal trees.

Finally, I am living in a part of the country where the trees actually turn colors and there is a chill in the air when fall comes around. My campus has been turning orange and red all over with scattered leaves and I am convinced that fall leaves just about always look prettier than spring flowers. Every now and then, I’ll glance up and notice that the autumnal leaves look so vibrant and have sunlight streaming so intensely through them, that they remind me of stained glass windows. I always stop to take a picture of them and look like a weirdo who has never seen a tree before.

My obsession with having too many coats and mugs fits in quite nicely with the fall aesthetic. I have so far missed my opportunity to reread the Harry Potter books, something I am sure would be my favorite fall activity if I gave it a try, but I am still trying to drown myself in apple cider and hot chocolate. Every morning, I have been stuffing my face with banana bread, as a means of breakfast, with it being my fall pastry of choice. I have an entire hidden stash of loaves of banana bread in my dorm room and I am hoping to make it to my next break, having lived almost entirely off banana bread.

On Halloween day, I donned cat ears, drew on whiskers, and painted on some cat eye makeup, despite not being a cat person. I topped it off with all black clothes, a cheetah print coat, a cat bowtie, furry fingerless gloves, and black ankle boots. I make a fine feline, in case there was any question. I went to all of my classes on Halloween dressed like a cat and was pleased to find that I was far from the only one.


My Halloween door decorations won the contest, earning me a bag of candy, that I am currently eating. Sitting around on Halloween night, picking through a bag of candy, while listening to a novel on audiobook, is not how I pictured spending my Halloween night, but the productivity alone makes my uneventful Halloween worth it. 

I went to my school’s fall formal, which was area 51 themed, since my generation’s obsession with that place has given it party-themable qualities. When I walked into the party, I was sprayed with an air-hose by a person in a school-logoed hazmat suit like I was being decontaminated. The rest of the night took on a semi-normal course: dancing, sweating, overheating, realizing that you are wearing the same red dress as at least three other girls. 

So far, it has been a very successful fall.

The Tragic Queen,


2 thoughts on “Some wholesome fall content

  1. Taking the time to observe the small bits of beauty that are all around us everyday is far from weird. It may be uncommon in that so few of us slow down enough to appreciate the grace God has bestowed on us. I think it’s a recognition of a well-balanced life that says I will take in all that life has to offer. Kudos to you.


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